Do you need a maintenance agreement?

Things to consider:

  • Don't want your site hacked
  • Want your site backed up in case it needs to be restored
  • Need photos uploaded on a regular basis?
  • Need frequent changes to content? (Content changes can help with search engine ranking)
  • Create polls?
  • Add new pages (example: are you blogging)?
  • Need to keep a calendar?
  • Need advice on keywords and how to use them?
  • Manage eCommerce products?

Good reasons for a website maintenance contract

  • As with all applications your site is vulnerable to malicious attacks
    Hackers are always trying to find vulnerabilities that they can use to gain unauthorized access to your website. If they succeed in breaching your site they may try to:
    • Change the payment connector so that people thinking they have paid for your product are actually sending their money to someone in Russia
    • Change the content on any page to make you sound like an idiot
    • Change your image on a page to make you look different (replace your picture with that of a naked lady)
    • Place a link on any page that when clicked takes your viewers to a porn site or site soliciting donations
    • Redirect all viewers to a false site so that when someone comes to your site they are automatically taken to a porn site
    • Put a virus on your site so that viewers will unknowing be infected when they visit
    • Steal the addresses and phone numbers of people who have signed up for something on your site
    • And other bad things
    And as soon as one hacker discovers a way in, the programs need to be updated in order to block others from doing the same. With a maintenance contract I will keep your site up to date with the latest security fixes in order to mitigate unauthorized access.
  • Backup and restore your site
  • Sure, the hosting company keeps a copy of yesterday's website. But recovering it is a challenge and can cost you.  What happens if:
    • You accidentally forget to pay your hosting fee?
    • The person providing your hosting services is sent to prison and their servers confiscated (yes this happened recently).
    • Your site is hacked.
    You will need to have your website recreated from the ground up. And it may stay down for months. With a maintenance agreement we will take a backup every night. That will ensure that your site can be restored quickly if it ever is compromised.
  • Less hassle for you, you do what YOU do best and let us take care of the tech
    Do you really want to learn how to resize images or make mailto links, or learn any number of other functions requiring a certain level of technical expertise? You want to focus on your core competencies. Therefore, do what you do best and let us handle the web stuff.
  • Access to discounted rates that save you money
    Depending on the amount of hours you prepay, you can get up to 50% off our normal rates.
  • Preferential and priority treatment
    We know that quick changes to your web site are important. If you have a maintenance contract, we push your requests to the front of the queue.
  • You have control over your hours
    For transparency, we maintain a comprehensive log of all time we spend on your account. You can access that log online whenever you want an update. In addition, we email the log to you at the end of every month.
  • Paid hours don’t expire, use them now or later
    You can use the hours whenever you like and for nearly whatever you like. We place no time limit in which you must use your hours. So, pay now and use the hours next year if you want.

Rates depend on:

    • how many pages you currently have
    • how frequently you expect changes
    • what kind of changes you expect to make
    • how quickly you want the changes turned around