The Importance of Social Media as a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Excellent article on the relevance of the various social networks being used to market your business.

The statistics:

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#1: People Spend More Time on Visual Networks

"thanks to eye-catching content. Numbers from Statista numbers shared on Mediabistro show that users spend more time on Pinterest (1:17 minutes) or Tumblr (1:38 minutes) than on Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and Google+ combined."

". . . one of the key things you can do is include one or more high-quality images in all of your blog posts. (Don’t forget to add an ALT attribute in the image properties to help your SEO!)"

"Videos uploaded to YouTube do very well in search and boost your site’s ranking. Interviews, Q&As, product demos or tips are popular with a wide audience beyond your current followers."

#2: Google+ Is Best for SEO

" . . . optimize your Google author profile with a great image. With an eye-catching photo, it won’t matter if you rank third or fourth on the search engine results page. Your image is what gets people’s attention and lends to your authority."

"When you post an article on Google+, choose your first sentence carefully and use keywords or phrases."

#3: Facebook’s Updated News Feed Affects Page Posts

"Since users may not see or engage with your page updates often, make your posts as interesting as you can. Include photos, videos, links (don’t forget to include a preview image), questions, events and offers."

"In all cases, use the story type that best fits with the message you want to tell."

#4: B2B Marketers Are Most Successful on LinkedIn

" . . . know that posts with the same basic information found on 50 other blogs won’t be successful. LinkedIn users look for well-written personalized insights, professional expertise and interesting industry opinions."