How to Claim & Set Up Local Profiles: From Google+ to Yelp

Claiming and setting up local profiles as part of your branding and marketing activity can provide some value to improving your search engine ranking (SEO).  There are several websites that will display information about your company when you perform a search for your business.  Some of these web search services (Google obviously is most important today) are more important than others, but the more you can get your business listed on the World Wide Web the greater chance of improving your search ranking.

ore than once I have encountered a business whose information has been hijacked by their competitors.  For that reason alone it may be worth your while to claim or set up your business's information in at least the more common search engines such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp.  You should also consider getting your information listed with professional organizations to which you belong.

Claiming and setting up your information is easier on some services than others (Yahoo's verification process is full of bugs and rarely works). So, I am providing this link in order to help you with the process. The search engines listed in the article include (listed in alphabetical order and NOT importance):

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